The Fandom Classics


For my long overdue 2k celebration, I’m doing the usual compilation of fandom classics. This list, however, is going to be bigger and better than any fandom classics list that I’ve done before (and I likely will not be remaking it for a very long time).

Bolded Fics are fics that are the classics. They’re so famous that no Johnlock list is complete without them.

Italicized Fics are my personal favorites.

Normal Fics are simply fics that are popular and quite well-known, but maybe not as huge or as great as the bolded and italicized ones.

This list will be divided by genre. Format is as follows:


  • Fic Name(Author Name | Word Count | Rating)


  • Alone on the Water (Madlori | 8,210 | PG)
    Sherlock is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Warning: angst like whoa.
  • Equilibrium (augustbird | 12,351 | R)
    At Baskerville, John is infected by a virus that turns him into a genius. But when the infection progresses into neurodegeneration, it’s a race against time to save himself. Flowers for Algernon fusion.


  • We Go Anywhere But to the Ground(geordielover | 24,623 | R)
    Every second that ticks by is a reminder of the deafening quiet Sherlock has left behind. John feels his soul slip out of his fingertips, inch by inch, with every passing day.

    At some point, he stops trying to hold on.

  • The Quiet Man (ivyblossom | 157,369 | NC-17)
    "Do you just carry on talking when I’m away?"
  • The Fabric of Life (orphan_account | 156,378 | NC-17)
    The fabric of life rearranges itself around the re-emergence of Sherlock.

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